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Back on an "Isle of Sirens", our hero attempts to rise above the gravity of the perversions of love.


i heard that light behaves like particles but also waves
guess that explains a bunch of your bi-polar ways
i’m sure the universe consists of mostly dark matter
cause your unconscious scarring has the earth shattered
i tried to isis the osiris and vibrate together
multiversal entropy was red lettered
thano way I can play captain planet
can’t deluge a fool no dam understanding
when the waves collapsing pun intended
we all are ignorant so don’t be offended
can’t feel the black hole cause we live in it
the fish can’t tell you bout the water that it swims in
we wouldn’t be living if existence had a beginning or ending
its difficult living as a stem in a fractal holographic system
Projected through 3000 realms attempting to live in rhythm
you taught me that life a dream and down the stream i’m always swimming
in a serpent eating it’s tail where every endings a beginning

a brief spell of existence
where we bond as an i and i.
i wonder if the L word
transcends space time and electro magnetism
what else penetrates dimensions
of light waves and gravity interference
what else could entangle prisms
of light waves and gravity rhythms

i can’t spell out existence
i can’t even bond u and i.
i wonder if the L word
is strong as electromagnetism - why?
cause overtime, with everything
in a black hole, gravity gets ‘em


from Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy, released November 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Menes Rebazzar Kedar Brooklyn, New York

Menes was never born, but has always lived, and will never die.

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