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Menes discovers the power of love beyond all external manifestations as he draws closer to the Quantum Helix.


let's find this heaven on earth
baby there's no place to go
i got bottles and bud
and it's only the dro
and we don't even need that
just lay back and relax
we're two peas in a pod
perfect inside the sack

love ridin your waves
until the end of the days
we're catepillars unchained
to these positions we change
and baby it's never the same
with the ways that you sways
makin my mind go deranged
its gasoline on a flame

phoenix burst in the sky
clouds of smoke and we high
walkin up on a cloud watchin
the stars go by
it's like i ate me a mushroom
when it's you and i
peanut butter and jelly
when we go on a ride

peach orchards and fig trees
when we float on the breeze
while i surf on your seas
as free as we can be
take a trip through the stars
right here we can start
right here where we finish
heaven is right where we are

the me is all you need now
there's nowhere to go but here
the i is all you need how
right here the here now
illusion is fear yeah
so just let your hair down
walls of deception were built
now we tear down

all that you see's sound
vibrations the true blue
the earth in the heaven
round and round through and through
there's nothin you need to do
tune in and tune out
it's all the same
zoom deep in and zoom out

how i would like to
take you there
- heaven is right here with me
how i would like to
take you home tonight
- won't you feel my ecstacy

nothing is what it seems
not even what you touch
all of this is a dream
ai'nt no reason to rush
feel as the heart pumps
the breath gush inside the lungs
right here we everywhere
and that's where we come from

the place where of the sun of suns
unfolding unto itself
sage and thyme mark time
as insence burns on the shelf
our light bodies merge
the lotus get's unearthed
layers of self dissolve
as true bliss starts to emerge

how i would like to
take you there
- heaven is right here with me
how i would like to
take you home tonight
- won't you feel my ecstasy


from Quantum Helix: Fractal Galaxy, released November 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Menes Rebazzar Kedar Brooklyn, New York

Menes was never born, but has always lived, and will never die.

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